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Zuma Bongo is a game created by PopCup Games Inc. You can play it as an executable but also as flash game directly from this web page.

How to play Zuma Bongo?
This is a game which can be played using the mouse :-) . If you want to pause the game you just press the "P" key from your keyboard.
The mission of Zuma Bongo game is to hit the balls of the same color with the ball from the monsterís mouth.  The longer the same color balls chain is the more points you get when eliminating with the launched ball. 
If you want to play Zuma Bongo throug this website it is necessary that your browser have installed Flash Player plug-in. Yo have 2 solutions for this:  free download from the official macromedia website, or if you want to install Adobe Flash Player faster CLICK HERE!
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