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Invisible yahoo messenger scanner. Do you want to find out who stays on invisible invizible? Hint: Type her/his yahoo ID and click check. In a few seconds you will find out the real status: invisible, online sau offline?
Type ID here:
(then hit check)
Yahoo Status Detector is a free online tool, in collaboration with IMvisible, you can use to check Yahoo IM user status (online, offline or invisible) even for users who are not in your list messenger

What is Yahoo Invisible Status Detector? It is an activity often called "yahoo status checker" or "yahoo invisible hack", which is designed to detect the status of a user's yahoo at the moment (it can be: online, offline and invisible status). There are various areas with so-called real results for a user status checks, but they can not provide accurate results than those with the status of your online or offline, and so easily obtained through a line of php source code.

For example, to get the online or offline status of a user is enough to copy and paste the URL below into ypur browser:

* ; But this method shows the status of your invisible status as offline;).

Yahoo Status Detector in collaboration with IMvisible offers both detection of online and offline status and the status of your yahoo invisible can get in touch with the people on site who does not have the list.

Are your friends hideing on Yahoo Messenger? Do you want to detect whether they are online, offline or invisible? If the answer is yes, Yahoo Invisible Status Detector service is the ideal for you. Using yahoo status you will not only see if they are invisible, but you can also see their avatar.
Use with confidence  Yahoo Invisible Detector service provided free of charge and online, without download. Check who's online, offline or invisible Status Yahoo!
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