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Zuma Game

Zuma is a game created by PopCup Games Inc. You can play it as an executable but also as flash game directly from this web page. To play Zuma the game from this website you need to install the Flash Player plugin. For this you have two choices: you can free download it from the official Macromedia site or just CLICK HERE! to get it faster.
Nowadays there are many different video games available, partly owing to the seemingly never-ending list of devices on which to play them. Some games pass in and out of fashion but others stand the test of time, and these games are generally extremely well designed and brilliantly executed. One such game is Zuma.
Zuma Games vary greatly, but the general principle of the game is the same across the board. It is essentially a puzzle game, involving matching up sets of coloured balls. The balls will roll along a path on the screen and the player is able to fire single balls at them. They are equipped with two interchangeable balls so they can choose the best colour to use given the arrangement on screen. By matching up three or more of the same colour the player eliminates these balls, preventing them from ending up in the skull structure at the end of the path and also earning points. The aim is to stop any of the balls from reaching the skull as this will end the game and result in the loss of a life. Players begin with only three lives so it is important for them to conserve these as best as they can, although they can earn more lives if they score a high enough number of points. Balls will stop rolling down the screen once the player has filled the yellow bar indicating their progress, as well as eliminating the balls. There are other opportunities to score points such as collecting coins, causing explosions and creating a chain of explosions.There are 22 levels to the game and the levels come in three sets, with the final level standing on its own. Each set takes place in a different temple whereas the final level takes place in space, so the scenery changes as you play the game and there’s lots of variety. The challenge posed by each level increases as the player progresses, until they reach the final level. On all levels apart from the 22nd the path the balls will take is visible; the last level is definitely the hardest.

To add to the excitement, there are different modes of Zuma Games you can play so it will always be interesting and you can always have a unique experience. These two alternative modes are adventure and gauntlet. In the adventure mode, the pattern of levels repeat at different stages, and there are levels that must be completed before the player can progress. In the gauntlet mode, the player can return to previously completed levels and practise them or play as the difficulty continually increases. These two modes add more excitement to the game and allow players to mix their routine up a bit from time to time.There are many websites hosting lots of different versions of Zuma Games, so the actual gameplay may differ from site to site. It is now incredibly easy to access Zuma and it is definitely worth playing. Not only is it fun and thrilling, the puzzling nature of the game means it is challenging and makes people think. It is also a good way to pass some time.

How to play Zuma Games?

This is a game which can be played using the mouse. If you want to pause the game you just press the “P” key from your keyboard.
The mission of this game is to hit the balls of the same color with the ball from the monster s mouth. The longer the same color balls chain is the more points you get when eliminating with the launched ball. That’s it! Enjoy playing Zuma Games

Exquisite detailed background, plus the mysterious Inca musical background, like in the old civilisation where for a mysterious game it was worth pondering over and over again! This game’s protagonist is a stone frog which will spit out a variety of colourful and beautifully shaped beads. The mistery is that the frog on the track is carrying the beads along the forward slide rail and while the row with beads is rolled into the hole at the end of the first track, you have to reduce the number of beads. How can you do that? You have to rely on the spitting frog and on the beads on its orbits, combining the same color as those that can disappear. Score! So far, so good. The interesting part is that some beads have clues. For example: suspended beads, beads that slide to the left or right, beads of the same color to eliminate the first ones and, of course, the most fearful are the fast sliding beads! Players must carefully choose the beads for the game: either you are fast or slow, successful or a failure, I cannot see the player’s skill [lucky you]! In a pleasant weekend, choose to play an Inca magic legend.